Dr. Sajita Setia

Executive Director, Transform Medical Communications, Auckland, New Zealand

Talk by Dr Sajita Setia

[Day 3]
11.15AM -12.00 NOON
Theme: Scientific talk : Innovation in research, diagnostics and health-care sparked by COVID-19 crisis

Personal Information

Dr. Sajita Setia, MD is a clinical biochemist and pharmaceutical physician, certified by King’s College, London. She has got her MD biochemistry degree from JIPMER, Pondicherry, India. Prior to starting Transform Medical Communications, Sajita was Head of Medical Affairs for a pharmaceutical company in Singapore. A physician by training, she has spent over 16 years in healthcare including ten years in the pharmaceutical industry. She has authored numerous scientific manuscripts and textbooks for medical students and published many clinical papers in collaboration with regional and global key opinion leaders while working in medical affairs. Sajita also acts as a reviewer for several peer-reviewed journals and has won many awards in academia and pharma. Sajita has served in a variety of roles in healthcare, ranging from clinical educator to medical lead in pharma and has created a strong legacy of value creation through publications and strong partnerships with government, regulatory agencies, medical societies and associations. At Transform Medical Communications, Sajita continues to provide independent medical affairs expertise and consultation. Sajita is also mental health and positive psychology enthusiast and founder of Transforming Life https://www.transforming-life.com/ – a digital platform to boost mental health and emotional well-being using scientific and proven metacognitive insights, knowledge, and practices. She trains individuals and teams to achieve a sound control over their thoughts, feelings, and emotions by empowering them with profound skill sets that provide happiness, bliss, productivity, and success irrespective of life’s challenges. Sajita has authored 25 and more medical publications across multiple therapeutic areas; below are few selected key publications. 

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